National Geographic 2014-06-30 23:12:07

Photo by @BrianSkerry
A pair of Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins swim through temperate waters off Jeju Island, South Korea. Three dolphins from this pod were illegally captured several years ago and kept in captivity. Last year the captive animals were re-wilded and released off Jeju, where they returned to their birth pod and are doing well.
Coverage from an upcoming story in @natgeo about re-wilding cetaceans.
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National Geographic 2014-06-30 22:48:50

Photo: @jimmy_chin
Happy 150th Birthday #Yosemite! On June 30th 1864, President Abraham Lincoln established Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove as the first protected wild land in the US. The area around Yosemite Valley was established as a National Park in 1890 but Yosemite Valley was actually not included. In 1906, Theodore Roosevelt, after a now famous camping trip with John Muir, combined Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove with Yosemite National Park. 3.5 million visitors a year, including a strong contingency of climbers, enjoy the “Valley” these days. Imagine if it hadn’t been protected…. #conservationmatters