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Spring Break is in full swing in the #FloridaKeys !! I took this photo while #snorkeling at the underwater “Christ of the Abyss” statue in #KeyLargo, #Florida. The 8.5 foot-tall statue of Jesus Christ weighs 4,000 pounds and sits in nearly 25 feet of water. It is a popular site for scuba divers and snorkelers. The Statue was donated to the Underwater Society of America in 1961 by Italian scuba entrepreneur Egidio Cressi and placed in its current location in 1965. Photo by Mike Theiss @ExtremeNature

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“A painter’s work might spark an idea for a skirt, or food could make me think of a dress,” says fashion stylist Felipe Veloso (@felipeveloso), who finds creative inspiration everywhere—especially outside the fashion realm.

Felipe, who has been working in the fashion world for over 13 years, transitions between the spaces of fashion, music and art, dressing everyone from singer Caetano Veloso (@caetanoveloso) to actress Regina Case (@reginacase). “Ideas are plural, and fashion no longer comes from one group of influencers. Fashion is everywhere. It’s no longer about top-down communication. But rather it comes at you from all sides.” During São Paulo Fashion Week, Felipe is looking forward to seeing what Alexandre Herchcovitch (@alexandreherchcovitch) has created. “Alexandre always surprises me!” he says.

For first-timers attending São Paulo fashion week this year, Felipe only has one piece of advice: “I am against fashion with rules. You should find what speaks to you.” To view more photos and videos from São Paulo Fashion Week, browse the #SPFW hashtag.

Photo by @luizahermeto0711

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The sun emitted a significant solar flare, peaking at 1:48 p.m. EDT March 29, 2014, and NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured images of the event. Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation. Harmful radiation from a flare cannot pass through Earth’s atmosphere to physically affect humans on the ground, however — when intense enough — they can disturb the atmosphere in the layer where GPS and communications signals travel.
This flare is classified as an X.1-class flare. X-class denotes the most intense flares, while the number provides more information about its strength. An X2 is twice as intense as an X1, an X3 is three times as intense, etc.
This image blends two wavelengths of light: 304 and 171 Angstroms, which help scientists observe the lower levels of the sun’s atmosphere.
Image Credit: NASA/SDO
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