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Photo by @BrianSkerry.

A Green Sea Turtle swims among a school Surgeonfish in the Southern Line Islands, located in the Central Pacific. Because of their remoteness, these islands and the waters surrounding them remain largely unspoiled, and diving the reefs here is like traveling back in time.

Researchers studying coral ecosystems have discovered that a pristine reef has a biomass that is comprised largely of predators, including sharks, snapper and groupers. Sadly, many reef systems around the world today do not have these animals, as they have been fished to dangerously low levels. Every animal plays a vital role in the health of an ecosystem and when individual species are removed, the entire environment breaks down. A healthy ocean is needed for a vibrant planet.

Photographed on assignment for @NatGeo Magazine.
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Photo by @dguttenfelder | A Viking reenactor sweeps inside a traditional Viking longhouse at an historical site in Ribe, Denmark. In the March issue of @natgeo, we are exploring what it was truly like to #LiveLikeAViking. Yes, these warriors were brutal—but that’s not the whole story.

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Video by @kitracahana // Amaiya Zafar, 16, is a young boxer from Minnesota who is fighting for her right to box competitively while wearing her hijab and modest long-sleeve attire instead of the sanctioned sleeveless jersey and shorts. She trains daily and has ambitions to compete at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. She is challenging international boxing rules, petitioning USA Boxing to allow her to fight. Amaiya is a devout Muslim and prays five times a day with her family. During Ramadan she teaches a Muslim women’s fitness class at 1 AM after the women have broken their fasts.
Video edited by Gabrielle Ewing. To view the full video visit the National Geographic youtube page or
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Photo @ladzinski / Alpenglow illuminating the stunning mountains of #PleneauIsland on the #AntarcticaPenninsula. The polished granite rocks in the foreground are a simple road map to where ice once was, in a place where ice is rapidly receding. Over the last two decades, the Antarctica Peninsula region has warmed significantly, directly contributing to substantial ice loss, leaving with it a lot of unanswered questions to what this means for the abundance of animals that live here and how it’s affecting ocean sea rise globally. Photographed #onassignment for @natgeo / @sea_legacy @paulnicklen @cristinamittermeier @andy_mann @craigwelch @ianvaso @shanemoorefilms

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Sequenced photographs by @simonnorfolkstudio
Avalanches are common in Afghanistan’s mountainous areas in winter, and rescue efforts are frequently hampered by a lack of equipment. Each year the beautiful, pristine blanket of white holds within it the possibilities of destruction and death.
Here another sequence of images from Bamyan Province in Afghanistan’s Central Highlands transitioning through seasons. From a frozen early spring through to the snows of winter, documenting the stages of flooding, irrigation, planting and harvest.
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Music: Ay Sholae Hazeen Desolate Flame used with permission.
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Video by @joelsartore | An Andean cock-of-the-rock at the National Aviary breeding center in Palmar, Colombia.
This bird is native to the Andean cloud forests in South America and is widely regarded as the national bird of Peru. Male cocks-of-the-rock perform intricate group rituals in order to entice females to mate. They often break into pairs to perform confrontation displays during which they face each other while jumping, flapping their wings, and squawking. These displays are very rare for humans to see because these birds startle incredibly easily.
To see an image of this Andean cock-of-the-rock, check out @joelsartore!
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Photos by @jmadler | From when I was studying the ecology of Florida’s springs to capturing their sapphire blue hue through the lens, meaningful communication requires both the art and the solid understanding of science. Understanding the biology and behavior of different species can take some of the luck out of conservation photography – knowing when we’re most likely to see a certain behavior or species in a particular location. For example, the tea-colored tannic water swirling together with the clear spring water in Florida happens only when the river levels are high. This cloud of ladyfish and the charismatic manatees enter the springs only in the winter, seeking refuge in the constant 72°F waters. Double-crested cormorants are most active around sundown when they’re fishing in the river, and Alaskan brown bears are fishing in this region on the outskirts of Katmai National Park only when the salmon are making their upstream journey to spawn. I’m in the final year of my PhD at @uflorida where I’m combining art and science to communicate about our threatened freshwater. Over the past few years, I have focused more and more on environmental education and inspiring girls to pursue science. The more girls we can inspire to pursue careers in #STEM, the better we will be able to solve future challenges on our planet. This path has helped me become a better visual storyteller, critical thinker and citizen. Thrilled to join National Geographic and @Microsoft for the #MakeWhatsNext initiative to help inspire the next generation of female scientists. Go to to find out more about the in-store events with @Microsoft and #makewhatsnext and watch me (Jennifer [email protected]) LIVE on the National Geographic Facebook page on Saturday (3/18) at 1 pm EST. #sponsored

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Photo by @johnstanmeyer

Carrying more than a ton of sugarcane, a truck is tilted as if preparing to jettison into outer space, dropping its sweet load into a hopper, the first step in making sugar at processing factory located in Kinauni, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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Photos by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto – Lately, I’ve been enjoying spending Sundays with my friends, often in the company of their children. Almost everyone around me has become a parent over the last few years. A couple of friends and I are the only ones in our group who still don’t have kids of our own. I naturally began to observe how the others were raising their children. I watch them playing together, hear the arguments and the kids’ complaints at mealtimes or at bedtime. I’ve often been the one in charge of the kids when those moments happen. Just maybe, all of these things are making me start to want to be a father. When I watch my closest friends, as well as all of the fathers that I meet around the world, and when I recall those memories from my childhood of the time spent with my dad, I feel like I’m preparing myself for my moment, if it ever arrives. That is why I’ve decided to make the relationships between fathers and their children the focus of these series of photos. Wherever I am in the world, when I meet a father I ask him to tell me about a special moment he has spent with his children and, when I can, I photograph them together. That is how I have put together this collection of stories of fathers and their children – stories that I take as either lessons or advice for those who, like me, might have kids of their own someday.

The most vivid childhood memories I have with my father are, without a doubt, the ones connected to fishing.
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Photograph by @thomaspeschak | On the bucket list of adventure divers from all over the world is Aliwal Shoal in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. This important marine protected area offers a unique opportunity of coming face to face with schools (shivers) of blacktip sharks. Know to be curious rather than aggressive, blacktips offer divers an up close and personal experience. Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. #wowsouthafrica